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Aiming to be a leading company in the "integrated energy and lifestyle related business" within the Asia-Pacific region

Since our company was founded in 1945, we have been continuously growing up along with the LP Gas business development, and have also contributed to the improvement of social and industrial development and promoted people's lifestyle, as one of the largest energy supplier in Eastern Japan.
Our product is not only the LP Gas for the residential customer. We also provide a variety of high pressure gas for industrial use such as “nitrogen” or “carbon-rich gas”, and for medical “oxygen” or “anesthesia”.

For Residential Customer


『Gas One』 is the closest partner of your home energy.

Enriching your good life,
『the concept of reducing the environment load』
『More secure and comfortable life』
『Dwelling according to your lifestyle』
We; Gas One Group propose a service to make your life more comfortable.

For Medical Customers


Link the Medical care and the Gas through the "trust"

We Provide 24/7 service of design, construction, maintenance inspection equipment and home medical care for our medical gas customers. Also, we expand the scope of business activities to medical welfare field such as sales and rental of medical nursing care equipment and deepen the firm relationship with our customers.
We always hope to be a “heartful and closest partner” of our customers, based on our motto of going ahead of the times at all time and providing the optimum products and service for our customers.

For Industrial Customers


Your Business Partner to Contribute for the development of Japanese Industry.

In recent years, the types and uses of industrial gases has expanded considerably with the technical reformation of industries. Gas One provides all kinds of gases and various engineering service through the design and construction work of utilization and supply equipment to meet demand from the industry.

Message from President and CEO


I am Takehiko Kawamoto, President and Chief Executive Officer of Saisan Company Ltd.
I would like to express my deep appreciation for your continued support and patronage.

During the more than 70 years since Saisan was founded in 1945, We have continuously implemented “Customer first policy” while simultaneously adhering to “Safety and Security principal”. Based on these philosophies, we have provided customers with various high-pressure gases including LPG for residential, commercial and automotive fuels as well as other gases for industrial and medical uses together with related products.

Until few years ago, the main business areas for the Gas One group companies including Saisan were located in the eastern part of Japan. We aimed to expand our business area toward nation-wide in Japan. To achieve this goal, we have established several footings in the Chubu (Central Honshu), the Tohoku (North Honshu) and the Kansai (West Japan) areas.

As for the overseas projects, we have been successfully expanding our LPG businesses in Mongolia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Nepal and Thailand. These achievements resulted from the effective utilization of our LPG safety control technologies accumulated in our long history. And we have been making good progress in distilled/natural mineral water business in Australia by using our sales know-how of the natural water delivery business with “Water One”. Thus, we have increased to nine companies in eight countries so far.

Under the ongoing full liberalization program in the electricity sector in Japan, the retail electricity market for residential use was opened in April 2016. We have entered this retail market with a new electricity brand, named “Ene One”. We also have achieved some positive results until now. Following the electricity, the full liberalization in the city gas sector will be started from April 2017. We will challenge to enter the city gas market as well because we try to become a general energy supplier. We have shared the policy with whole staff that the Gas One group is the most accessible home energy partner with the customer.

The following is our vision in the year of 2045 when we will arrive at the 100th anniversary of the company’s foundation;

“Becoming a premier company of General energy and Living support businesses
in our country and Asia-Pacific region.”

The Gas One group including Saisan Corporation are going to make endeavors so that we will achieve the Goal in 2045
I look forward to your continued support and understanding.

Takehiko Kawamoto
President and Chief Executive Officer
May 2018

Company Information

Company name Saisan Co.,Ltd.
Headquarters (Administration) 1-11-5 Sakuragi-cho,
Saitama, Saitama
Founded October 21, 1945
Established September 20, 1954
Capital 95.4 million yen
Turnover Ordinary income as of August 2016
Saisan:5,616 billion yen/ 213 billion yen
Consolidated:8,388 billion yen/ 333 billion yen
Number of Employees as of February 2017 Saisan:1,220
Gas One Group:3,219
Primary Business ・Supply and sale of Gases for residential, medical and industrial uses
・Energy-saving business, ESCO
・Sale, design and installation work of equipment relating general high-pressure gas
・Design and installation work of mass supplying facilities of LPG
・Design and installation work of Natural or Community Gas supply system
・Sale of Petroleum products
・Electricity business
・Home delivery service of spring water, “Water One”
・Sale, design and renovation work of the housing, “Reform One”
Contact overseas10080@saisan.co.jp

Our Gas One Brand


Gas One

We provide variety of 『GAS』 for our residential, medical and industrial customers.


Ene One

We started the electric power business to aim at a comprehensive energy company that can provide both Gas and Electricity.


Water One

We deliver spring water to you, from the natural water source at Mt. Fuji, Minami Aso, Okinawa or Shimane.


Reform One

Our design team can suggest you a various renovations that matches your lifestyle with using technologies and experience.


Vege One

Our vegetable farm provide safe and fresh home-grown pepper.


Gas One Shop

We have a variety of houseware for enriching your life in our online shop.

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